Wedding Stories

I have been doing on location hair and makeup for over 10 years for my beautiful brides. Known by my clients and professionals in the beauty industry, for being calm and confident with skill and expertise. My unique makeup style stands out above the rest and is easily recognizable as a soft and natural look that is not over done, but is subtle and elegant, similar to what you might see on the Red Carpet, perfect for a Bride on her wedding day.
My top priority is that my clients and Brides are relaxed, happy, feeling and looking the most beautiful they could possibly be.

I believes we all have a unique character, a particular style that helps us convey who we really are. I find inspiration in life, love, and the stories behind people. Every makeup job is as individual and unique as the concept it is created for. Anything can inspire me; from a structure, texture, or color in nature to even more abstract inspirations such as character and mood.

With a great understanding of different skin types and skin complexions, I am able to select the right products to enhance their unique features in a natural way.