Private Makeup Shopping

Imagine walking into Sephora without feeling overwhelmed? Or walking out of Nordstrom feeling extra confident in the makeup you invested in? To know exactly what you purchased, will be applied with joy and excitement is a game changer!

Makeup & hair shopping can be more than overwhelming, it can create unnecessary stress as well dollars thrown out the door on product that might not be the best fit for your skin, coloring, style preference, texture, etc.

Let me come to you and we can shop together to make the best decisions for YOUR beautiful face. I can show you special tricks and tips on how to use one product many different ways. We can go down the lipstick asile feeling love towards that red lipstick you have been coveting all your life! Feeling accomplished in the beauty department is empowering!  Contact me today to set up your stress-free shopping trip.

 Private or Group Classes

If you are looking to not only look your best, but feel it as well, invest in a class with me! I will start you from skincare all the way on how to achieve the best romantic and classy look for a night out on the town that fits your style! Whether you want to include your girls with a glass of wine, or come to my studio (still having some wine!), we will go through not only my professional kit, but your kit as well. Take the struggle of mastering a smokey eye into an easy 10-minute date night look.

You will leave all my classes with a better understanding of why, what, when on everything from skincare to liquid liner!